Brett Constantine (aka Brett the Juggler) has been juggling since highschool, but his skills were particularly honed during his time with the University of Massachusetts Amherst Juggling Club. Between attending classes to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience (May 2003), Brett spent up to ten hours per week learning new skills with the Juggling Club.

Brett's skills are varied. He juggles clubs, rings, knives, torches, and up to five balls at once. He balances objects on his hands, chin, and nose. He can bounce juggle, manipulate boxes in the art form known as 'cigar boxing,' and unicycle. Brett is also skilled at passing clubs with between two or more jugglers.

Perhaps Brett's most valuable skill (and his favorite!) is being able to teach all these skills he's learned. He offers his skills to anyone from young to old, beginner to advanced, and does so with patience and a smile. For the past three years Brett has been teaching kids to juggle at After School programs.

Recently, he has also started providing a short show featuring himself with fellow juggler and partner Jenny Boas. They have performed and then taught the audience to juggle in a fun atmosphere to rave reviews. This format works well for parties, groups, weddings, and almost any other function!